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A simplified product to extract suppliers' information

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Why Choose Us?

Powerful & Simple Way
to Retrieve Data

In a few questionnaires sent out to thousands of suppliers, how would you find out which suppliers have accepted and denied your policy?

Anywhere & Anytime

Having a tool present online gives you the ability to find what you're looking for almost instantaneously. Also, interoperability across devices gives you extreme freedom to achive the end result.


Want to show one ID instead of the default one? Let us know and that shall be done. Want to create an entirely new functionality? Let us know, too.

Planned Features

Latest features are pushed to your application without any additional cost. Our team is working hard to give you the most useful features at the earliest.

100% Secured & Trustable

We strongly advocate right to privacy and we are upfront on sharing that we do not store or process your data. Only exception to this is a temporary storage of the filtered data when it takes much longer to extract from the APIs so that you can come back and have the data available to you.
Our Product


Flat Fees.
No Hidden Charges.

Price mentioned is yearly subscription fee
One time setup fee of €499 is applicable
*Customizations are on and above the mentioned cost

We do not store or process your data in anyway.

On Cloud


We take care of everything. It's a cloud based application which requires no resources at your end to initiate. A simplistic way to use the tool.

  • Yearly Subsciption
  • Future Updates
  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • Customizable*
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